Bizmatrix offers Restricted Electrical training and Test and Tag one day courses in Queensland. Click the links below to find out in detail about the electrical training programs that we offer.


  • Bizmatrix offers tailored restricted electrical training courses specifically to suit you. We are extremely flexible offering you a number of dates to complete onsite practical that rotate monthly, along with weekend training options so that you don’t have to take time out of your busy work week to complete training. We work hard to tailor training to exactly how you want it making for an interactive and in-depth training program.
  • Our courses are heavily practical which means that when you leave training you are left feeling confident in yourself with a new understanding of electrical systems. Whether you have 1 year of experience or have had 10+ years, we are sure that you will learn something new.
  • Receive ample support from our admin team or technical support from your trainer directly. You won’t get lost in our organisation because to us, you matter! At Bizmatrix, we get to know each and every one of our students, you are not just a number like in many larger training organisations. We also work hard to keep you up to date toward any opportunities to connect you further in the gas and electrical industry.
  • Finally, our training classes are small with between 3-6 students per group, enabling you to learn more due to more time with trainers! This is great for those who require more assistance because it means the trainer can pace the class accordingly.

Our electrical training courses are offered online so that you can complete eLearning prior to attending onsite training. Overall this reduces your time at the training centre and helps improve your overall knowledge.

Take a look below at some of the electrical training courses we can offer you!


Restricted Electrical courses
Are you required to do restricted electrical work in association with your job? Then this course is right for you.
Full course description here.
Test and tag courses
The Bizmatrix one day test and tag course will cover all necessary aspects for you to be able to test and tag appliances at home or within the workplace. No experience is necessary.
Full course description here.
Skills maintenance – Licence update Course
Have you let your restricted electrical or full electrician licence lapse and need to apply for an update? Do you want to complete electrical training online? When was the last time you updated your skills in electrical? This course is suitable for those who need to reapply for their electrical licence and for those looking to keep their knowledge up to date with ongoing changes within Australian Codes and Standards and safe practices.
Full course description here.

Still unsure about which training program is best for you? Call us now on 0457 595 888 for a training consultation!

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