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Bizmatrix offer selected units from Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services including Service Type A Gas Appliances, Estimate and Cost work, Design and Size consumer gas installations and carry out work-based risk control processes.

These units are used for those those looking to transfer from their interim licence on to the full gas licence. The main unit is the Service Type A gas appliances unit, which consists of five days onsite at Bizmatrix training centre. Carry out work based risk control processes is completed in one day onsite at Bizmatrix, whilst the other two units are completed by correspondence.

Units Covered

CPCPCM4011A Carry out work-based risk control processes
CPCPGS4022A Service Type A gas appliances
CPCPCM4012A Estimate and cost work
CPCPGS4011C Design and size consumer gas installations

This training is conducted both in house and by correspondence depending on which units are required to be completed, made up of a selection of Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services units.

Another unit that Bizmatrix offer is the Install, Commission and Service Type B Gas Appliances, which is an industrial gas unit. This is not a part of any Type A Рdomestic and commercial gas work therefore should not be confused with this sector. It is a separate unit and stand alone.

All of these units on offer are nationally recognised and Bizmatrix provide them at our Brendale training centre.

To complete these training units and find more information see here.

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